July 13, 2024

Bharatam: The AI-Illustrated Mahabharata Journey by Hemant RamaRaghunath

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New Delhi (India), July 24: Bharatam, a groundbreaking new book by Hemant RamaRaghunath, takes readers on a captivating journey through the timeless epic “The Mahabharata.” This volume gives a fresh and informative perspective on the ancient classic, with illustrations using Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating a relatable and engaging experience for readers of all ages.

BlueRose Publishers want readers to follow the flow of the author’s perspective while reading this book. It is not just another Mahabharata but a unique perspective on ancient wisdom and storytelling using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Hemant RamaRaghunath, an IT Professional with a keen interest in ancient history and events, mixes his passion for technology and ancient epics to recreate and retell the story of Mahabharata. His goal is to present ancient wisdom and learning in an imaginative way, embracing alternate and innovative methods of storytelling.

“The Mahabharata,” a timeless epic that has inspired generations for thousands of years, has been recounted in a variety of formats and methods throughout history. Hemant RamaRaghunath was inspired to write the book by the incredible Mahabharata stories carved around temples. Two prominent ones are stunning bas-reliefs at Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia and the elaborate “Mahabharata panel” at Kailash temple in India that has survived for hundreds of years.

While profoundly respecting and acknowledging all earlier narrations of Mahabharata in various forms, such as books, temple carvings, films, and TV serials, “Bharatam” is a modest attempt at reimagining and retelling the epic that is relatable for readers of all ages, particularly young readers. Bharatam is an illustrated Mahabharata in which all images and visuals are created using “Text to Image” AI tools. This innovative approach brings the epic’s characters and events to life, offering readers a new and illuminating perspective. The book delves into the Mahabharata’s deep spiritual and philosophical implications, emphasizing the universal theme of good triumphing over evil.

Using AI techniques, Hemant RamaRaghunath’s Bharatam provides readers with a novel and innovative viewpoint of one of the world’s most beloved epics. The book transports readers to a realm of kings and warriors, gods and demons while studying the ramifications of good and bad Karma through an interesting and educational narrative. It offers distinct perspectives about the Mahabharata’s characters, themes, and events, enabling a deeper appreciation for its profound narrative on moral values, ethical behaviors, and righteousness.

Hemant RamaRaghunath, a technology enthusiast, sees enormous potential in exploiting new capabilities in technology for innovative uses. While Bharatam uses Artificial Intelligence to reimagine the Mahabharata, the author envisions future possibilities using virtual reality, augmented reality, digital twins, and the metaverse to portray ancient glory, wisdom, and valuable teachings in a unique and engaging manner.

BlueRose Publishers is a technologically savvy company with a young and dynamic crew. Hemant RamaRaghunath’s creative approach and genuine appreciation for the ancient masterwork result in a compelling narrative that enables readers to see the Mahabharata through new eyes. Bharatam sets the stage for intriguing possibilities in the future of storytelling by fusing ancient wisdom and modern technology.

To learn more about Bharatam and to purchase the book, visit the official website at: http://vedicmetaverse.com/

Buy now: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0BZDP9BY1

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