July 14, 2024

The most essential drug to overcome any disease is Health – Dr A Sreekumar, BioWell

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August 11: When we think of having a disease, we think about medicine. But many people don’t realize that when you invest in wellness, you are in effect preventing illness; when you are rooted in health, you save the wealth that is lost on medicines and treatment.

BioWell, inspired by Dr A Sreekumar, raises this very pertinent question; What is the essential drug to overcome any disease? One of the most noted wellness experts in the nation gives a very thought-provoking answer – It’s Health; health is the quintessential drug to overcome every disease.

BioWell is so much more than just pills and medicinal therapies. It is about treating the mind and soul. The literal meaning of Bio Well is “Living Well”. Understanding & experience the real power of those tiny molecules inside you is the real “Journey of Health & Wellness”. The paradigm shift happening across the globe is pioneered in India by Bio Well and Dr A Sreekumar. It is to inspire people to learn & experience the real health & life of people. The Doctor of Wellness is drawing a global audience into this new citadel of health.

This journey of health and well-being is a dream, an aspiration of Dr A Sreekumar, his passion for nutritional medicine intervention and its importance in improving the quality of health. This made him indulge in serious research into the field, and with the help of his close friends and relatives, they started Biowell. At Biowell, treatment of an individual at a genetic level with the help of nutrients. The integrated approach of science with medicine to manage all kinds of lifestyle diseases and the 3-dimensional approach towards health & wellness will normalize the harmony of physical, mental and spiritual health.

In today’s modern world, many of Bio Well’s systems and customs seem to be organized in a way that separates the different facets of health- for example, a nutritionist might recommend ways to eat healthfully, and a therapist might recommend ways to cope with stress, but often, there is little to no crossover guidance or framework for fitting the pieces together as a whole. They strive to create this balance.

With over 40 years of medical experience in India and almost 5 years in the UK and the middle east, the remainder of Mr. Sreekumar’s workmanship was practised in India, particularly in Pushpagiri hospital, Thiruvalla, Medical Mission Hospital, Parumala and then in NSS Medical Mission Pandalam, a 500 bedded multi-speciality hospital as Senior Consultant in ENT, Head & Neck Surgeon & Medical Superintendent for 18 years till 2002. He continued ENT practice as visiting consultant in West side hospital, Kochi and Changanacherry NSS Medical Mission till 2016.

BioWell educates the person to understand himself, reinstate with proper investigations and take measures to balance health from inside. This consists of biochemistry, hormones & epigenetic presentations. Any defect or imbalance in these will be projected as symptoms, signs, and diseases. The entire concept developed by the founder Dr Sreekumar, emphasizes redefining health with a 360° wellness approach. The idea was implemented with an integrative functional hospital providing wellness services blending medical science with innovation & cultural roots wrapped with scientific approaches.

Their soul mantra is “Health is Wealth”, and they encourage every individual to be a part of this novel health movement “Of the People, By the People, For the people”. Medicines are weapons that can only be utilized by highly skilled soldiers, such as those with a strong immune system. The existence of the proper hormonal balance is required for a healthy immune system. Biowell intends to provide this unique medical care which is an ideal combination of functional personalized medicine and modern medicine.

But how did this journey of Biowell start? When Mr. Sreekumar was just a young man with a lot of passion, his father, who was serving in the army at the time, came home for his vacation and asked him what his new goal was upon achieving his pre-degree. This question made him think…Was he really interested in achieving a conventional degree? He then decided to study hard and sincerely to obtain a medical seat, and here he is, breaking the conventional stereotypes of the health sector.

Biowell’s goal is to create a health pyramid that nurtures the three elements of body, mind, and soul. It provides the greatest and most up-to-date science as well as the best of nature for improved personal health and wellness. Your health is our priority! People usually overlook the mental aspect of their health, but mental well-being is equally important as physical well-being. We at Biowell completely assent to this.

Once you believe in our ways, we are already halfway there. The health industry in India is full of stigmas, and we are all set to break each of them with new and innovative processes and therapies. The aim is to create a healthy ecosystem which sees beyond animal cruelty, race, class and gender.

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