July 18, 2024

We Guide Your Kids The “Life Ahead On Facing Fear Of Failure Or Cheers Of Success At Any Extreme”

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New Delhi (India), July 28: In a groundbreaking initiative, a visionary entrepreneur with over a12 years of experience in the Edtech industry has launched an innovative platform aimed at transforming the way children approach education. The brainchild of a former founding member of a renowned online education platform, this new venture takes a unique approach to K12 education, focusing not only on academic excellence but also on the psychological well-being of each student.

The founder, who was part of the founding  Ed tech team in 2012, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. However, unlike traditional Edtech platforms, this initiative takes inspiration from Finland’s exceptional education system, renowned as one of the best in the world. The Finnish education system emphasizes psychological classes for students from Grade 1 through college, aimed at equipping them with crucial life skills to navigate challenges confidently.

What sets this startup apart is its commitment to the mental well-being of children. Clinical Child Psychologists, certified by top experts in the field, conduct weekly virtual one-on-one classes tailored to each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses. The 11-week program culminates in a certification and star rating by the leading Psychologists, ensuring a brighter and more resilient future for the students.

We have Life coaches who are clinical Psychologists who will take weekly classes of 1-hour virtual one vs one depending upon the strengths and weaknesses of the kids. A total of 11 classes for 11 weeks finally certified and star rating by the top Psychologists for their future. Also, we guide how to face the “Fear of failure and move on to the next step for Success” and how to “Cheers the Success” and move on to the next challenge in life whatever the circumstance it may be. The aim is to instil a growth mindset in young minds, teaching them to view failures as stepping stones towards success and to celebrate achievements with humility and gratitude

In addition to the psychological classes, the startup also offers a comprehensive Entrepreneurship program comprising 13 classes. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young leaders, the program focuses on instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in children. They learn the value of becoming employers rather than employees, with practical experiences, each kid gets a chance to be as one-day CEOs / founders of tie-up start-up to be like a real owner. These hands-on experiences, including signing dummy cheques and announcing salaries, provide the students with a genuine sense of ownership and responsibility.

The combined package of both the psychological and entrepreneurship classes is priced at an affordable INR34,999  for 24 classes. Remarkably, a portion of the revenue goes directly to the highly qualified life coaches, ensuring their dedication to the student’s well-being. A significant share is allocated for the continuous growth and development of the company, while the rest is dedicated to investors.

One of the most enticing rewards for the top-performing student in each batch is the chance to fly to Finland, the epitome of exemplary K12 education. The lucky student, accompanied by a single parent, will experience the renowned Finnish education methodology, generously sponsored Mind multipliers itself.

This ambitious project also leverages the founder’s vast network and experience in the education sector. A dedicated sales team engages with schools to secure bulk orders, catering to a minimum of 100 students per order. The volume-based pricing of 1000 rs per student makes the offering attractive to numerous institutions across India, capitalizing on the founder’s vast connections with chairmen from over 3000 schools.

With an impressive background that includes a Master’s in Business Management from London, the founder is determined to make this venture a major player in the Edtech industry. Aspirations to become one of the top five entrepreneurs in India within the next three years underscore the founder’s ambition and dedication to transforming child education in the country.

The innovative approach of this Edtech startup to prioritize psychological well-being alongside academics has sparked enthusiasm and excitement among parents and educators alike. As the venture gains momentum, it promises to create a generation of young minds empowered with not only knowledge but also the emotional resilience and entrepreneurial spirit needed to conquer life’s challenges.

For further information and collaboration opportunities, interested parties are encouraged to connect with the founder to learn more about this pioneering initiative.

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