April 19, 2024

Jalpari: Experience A Lyrical Voyage with Chinmay Pandit and Siddhesh Shinde

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By Iha S

In the constantly evolving world of Indian music, it’s rare to come across a song that feels like a breath of fresh air, yet deeply familiar. Jalpari, the latest collaboration between the versatile Mumbai-based Chinmay Pandit and the evocative rapper Siddhesh Shinde from Dubai, is exactly that—a musical odyssey that explores the intricate themes of love and connection. Here, in an exclusive Q&A, Chinmay and Siddhesh dive deep into the making of Jalpari, revealing the inspiration behind their collaboration, the challenges they faced, and what they hope listeners will take away from their song. Excerpts:

Can you introduce us to the concept behind Jalpari?

Siddhesh: Jalpari is our latest track where we’ve tried to capture the essence of love through a blend of rap and pop. It’s a metaphorical journey that compares the enchanting nature of love to the mystical allure of a mermaid. The idea was to explore the depths of love, much like the depths of the ocean.

What inspired you both to collaborate on this project?

Chinmay: The collaboration was born out of mutual respect for each other’s work and the desire to create something unique. Siddhesh’s prowess in rap and my background in pop and classical music seemed like the perfect mix to bring ‘Jalpari’ to life. The song itself was inspired by personal experiences and a shared vision to explore love’s mystique.

Siddhesh, moving from Marathi rap to a Hindi track is a big leap. What prompted this transition for ‘Jalpari’?

Siddhesh: I’ve always been fascinated by the power of language in music. While Marathi rap allowed me to express my roots, Hindi has a universal appeal that I wanted to tap into. ‘Jalpari’ felt like the right opportunity to make this transition, allowing me to reach a wider audience with our message of love and connection.

Chinmay, how did your musical background influence the creation of ‘Jalpari’?

Chinmay: Growing up with a diverse musical influence and having the opportunity to play in Mumbai’s elite venues has shaped my approach to music. For ‘Jalpari,’ I wanted to infuse classical melodies with contemporary beats to create something timeless. The song’s melody is designed to evoke emotions and complement Siddhesh’s powerful lyrics.

The song has been in development for quite some time. Can you share more about its journey?

Siddhesh: Yes, ‘Jalpari’ has been a labor of love and patience. What started as a Valentine’s Day gift idea evolved into a much larger project. The creative process saw its ups and downs, but our passion for the song’s melody and message kept bringing us back to it. It’s been a journey of growth, both personally and artistically.

Looking beyond ‘Jalpari,’ what future projects can your fans look forward to?

Chinmay: While ‘Jalpari’ marks a significant milestone in our careers, it’s just the beginning. We’re both exploring new sounds and stories for our upcoming projects. Fans can expect more music that bridges genres and languages, continuing to challenge and inspire us.

Finally, what do you hope listeners take away from ‘Jalpari’?

Siddhesh: We hope ‘Jalpari’ resonates with listeners as a celebration of love’s beauty and complexity. It’s a song that invites everyone to dive deep into their emotions, to find something mesmerizing and magical.

Chinmay: More than anything, we want it to be a reminder of love’s enduring power to connect us all.

Through the heartfelt insights of Chinmay Pandit and Siddhesh Shinde, Jalpari emerges not just as a song, but as a narrative rich with emotion, culture, and the universal language of love. As this unique track makes its way across the waves of the Indian music scene, it invites listeners to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, into a realm where love is as boundless and mysterious as the ocean itself.

Don’t let this musical voyage pass you by. Jalpari is now available on all leading platforms, inviting you to immerse yourself in its captivating melody and profound lyrics. Tune in, let the waves of Jalpari wash over you, and experience the magic that happens when rap meets melody in a celebration of love’s everlasting allure.

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